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The Road of the Seven Lakes - Patagonia Argentina - Bariloche

Prepare to be amazed...

This is a special article on one of the most beautiful journeys around the country: the Seven Lakes' road. Nature slowly comes back to life, flowers show up as a miracle that has remained hidden under the snow, the forest wakes up filled with colors and the sound of singing birds. All that beauty is there, waiting for you, framed by a road that joins Villa La Angostura with San Martin de Los Andes
You can start the Seven Lakes' road either from Bariloche or from San Martin de Los Andes. It goes through all the places situated between Villa La Angostura and San Martin de Los Andes, thus you can also take other starting points for your trip. The one we are going to describe now begins at Villa La Angostura and gives you the chance to visit two national parks: Nahuel Huapi and Lanin. You shouldn't miss this trip, some of the most wonderful lakes and forests in the region and the most secluded places are awaiting you.
There are 184 km from Bariloche to San…