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Encouraged by the desire to enjoy and to bring to light what the Patagonian nature offers us, arises Bariloche Gay Travel. Our work consists of assembling their trip in the Patagonian region in function of what want to see, to do and of how you desire to travel. We want that the sensations that produce the contact with the natural thing arrive at all. We include the suitability of our team of guides and baqueanos.- we adapt to all the requests, and we maintain always an extensive criterion to reconcile the expectations of each one. Since our base in Bariloche, we operate in diverse zones of the Patagonia. We propose a great variety taking a walk, activities, excursions and even expeditions of several days. Also if they desire it, we can accompany them.

We live in Bariloche and of course, all this zone of the lakes of Patagonia, we know it perfectly. Also we have contacts and receptive in all the country. It can be reserved with anticipation for well prepare its trip, but also is the idea to be able to change activities from the day to the other in function of the time. What we suggest is that they be free of the organization of their trip. We propose packages and trips with exit in any date: you choose your dates!! Our motivations are to share with you what fascinates us and impassions in the south of the American continent, to carry them in full places of emotions and out of the classics that we propose all the businesses of trip, and of course that want to return.

Patagonia will be your greatest escape. Patagonia will be one of your fondest memories, your new love. Our hearts will meet on the Southern Cross, a place that will awaken your senses with amazing beauty and take you places that you've never dreamed of.

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