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This city facing Lake Lacar lies in a glacial valley in the Andes Mountains. Its privileged location is at the gates of Lanín National Park, Neuquen Province, in one of the most important protected areas of Argentina.

Founded in 1898 and with an estimated permanent population of 30.000 inhabitants, San Martin de los Andes has everything a visitor could want: a dream landscape neat the Lanín volcano (12.390 ft), a city with a rich history and remarkable artistic and cultural activity, flower-adorned streets with bouldings of wood and stone, a wide variety of adventure tourism, fine handicrafts and regional delicacies including smoked meats, pates, pickles and chocolates.
Its mountains are covered by natives’ woods of Lenga, Cohigue, Roble Pellin, and Ñire trees and crossed by crystalline streams with waterfalls. They invite you to enjoy outdoor activities surrounded by nature: sport fishing and hunting, camping, mountaineering and rafting.
Its ski resort, Chapelco, at 6365ft, offers visitors from all over the world sun, snow, adventure and a variety of slopes suitable for all levels. The native Lenga forests are a paradise for sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, sledding and snowshoeing, and the exclusive Snow Park is full of challenges even for expert skiers. 
San Martin de los Andes is an ideal starting point to set off the lake circuit, since it is located at one end of the Seven Lakes Road.
The area known as the Costanera (lakeside) is the gateway to Lanín National Park. Excursions around Lake Lácar to Quila Quina and Hua Hum start here. You can also explore the mountain trails on foot, on horseback or by car, stopping at lookout points to admire the splendor of the landscape. 

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