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The "queen" of the Andean Lakes District is, undoubtedly, the city of San Carlos de Bariloche. Located on the South margin of Lake Nahuel Huapi, it unfolds its beauty throughout its shore, along one long coastal avenue named Exequiel Bustillo, which extends up to Hotel Llao Llao, approximately 25 km away from downtown.

A first, mandatory excursion consists of a relaxed stroll across its streets packed with old and charming stone and wood houses where, at each corner, beautiful sights and landscapes abound. Do not forget to take with you enough photographic film supply (or RAM for those of you using digital cameras). You won't be able to refrain from taking many, many unforgettable pictures here in Bariloche.

The visit to the City
You can begin with a visit to the Cathedral Nuestra Señora del Nahuel Huapi. The building was projected by architect Alexander Bustillo and it was never finished. Nowadays its access is used as a chapel. It has got interesting vitreaux that tie religious subjects with Patagonia. Then, after passing Puerto San Carlos you arrive at the Civic Centre. This is the most representative spot in the city. With its Swiss style, arcades and horseshoe shapes facing the lake, was opened in year 1940 by National Parks. Its buildings lodge the City Council, the Tourism Secretariat, the Police, the Patagonia Museum, the Library and the Emilio Frey Venue where cultural events and art exhibitions take place.
At the Council Building there is a Clock Tower that shows, at 12 and 6 PM, a parade of symbolic figures: aborigines, priests, soldiers, and settlers.

Afterwards you can walk along Calle Mitre, the main commercial area of Bariloche. It is very interesting to observe the style of the buildings along its first blocks, trying to maintain the "Bariloche architecture": Stone and wood, arcades, balconies and eaves all around.

Later, you can take Perito Moreno Street, going back to the Civic Center, where you will see the oldest houses in the city: Casa Marciani, Vivienda Speranza, Edificio Capraro, up to the Council of Nahuel Huapi National Park. Afterwards, a bit to your left on Morales Street the Club Andino Bariloche's building is located. It is a very important social and cultural place also. This walk can be finished walking along Mitre until it becomes San Martin Street in order to get to Worest Casino, featuring an imposing view to the lake.

The excursions

There is seduction and action all year long at Bariloche. Besides the traditional lacustrine excursions like Victoria Island and Arrayanes Wood, Puerto Blest, Cascada Los Cántaros and Lake Frías, you should consider the amazing Crossing to Chile via the Lakes.

You can't skip performing the Circuito Chico (Small Circuit), which consists of a 60 Km. ride along the coast of majestic Lake Nahuel Huapi, with restaurants, tea houses and places to buy home made goods and chocolates.

And there is more to see and do: paragliding, skiing, sailing in lakes and rivers, trekking, Rafting, kayak, horseriding, sleeping in a mountain shelter, lakes, rivers, beauty, gourmet dinners, aereal, nigth, bar clubs, private parties ... it is all possible in Bariloche. And finally, you should also pay a visit to San Martin, Villa la Angostura, El Bolson, Lago Puelo. 

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