San Martin de los Andes a Mountain Village

San Martin de los Andes is mountain village located in a valley of glacial origin beside Lake Lacar. 
It was founded in the year of 1898 and is also home to the headquarters of the Lanin National Park. 
Both residents and visitors can enjoy easy treks to the surrounding sites. 

The Pier 
Though the pier has been rebuilt recently, it has kept the original aspect it had many years back when San Martin de los Andes was a lumbering town. In those years the bay was covered with logs from the surrounding forests. This activity stopped when the Lanin National Park was created and lumbering was limited to very specific areas. Today the pier is the base for all types of nautical activities under the supervision of the Argentinean Coast Guard. 

The Beach 
To the right of the pier lies the most sandy and largest extension of beach Lake Lakar has to offer. In summer it is enjoyed both by residents and visitors. Swimming and bathing activities are supervised by lifeguards. Rowing, kayaking, yachting and paddling can also be practiced. 

The Civic Square 
Plaza San Martin is the historic nucleus of the city. It is on this square where the national events take place as well as the artistic and folkloric shows. On its sides are the arts and crafts stalls and nearby are the main public buildings, many of which hold historic and architectural value. Worth mentioning are the City Hall, the Church, the Post Office, the Bank, the Tourism Bureau…

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